SLM Stockholm

Sweden’s biggest fetish
club for men

Fri 1 Mar 22:00-02:00
Sat 2 Mar 22:00-02:00
Sat 2 Mar, doors open 16:00-20:00

The fetish club in Stockholm

The club for men that have sex with men and are turned on by fetishes such as leather, rubber, uniform, skinhead, worker, sports gear, underwear, nudity and more! As a member You are one of many to run the club on a voluntary basis. Without volunteers there is no SLM!

Membership in SLM Stockholm or any of our brotherhood clubs within the Top of Europe are mandatory, except on Open House nights.

Please note that application for a new full year or for a temporary membership must be made on our website before we open the night you plan to visit us.

Domination Stockholm 2024

It is soon time for the second edition of our new event Domination Stockholm!

A new part is that we will have seminars four Mondays in a row ahead of the Domination Weekend, starting in April. The seminars are named The Classroom.

Presently, you as a member of SLM Stockholm or Club Wish, can buy tickets to the Classroom at Early Bird prices! Klick the Read more button below to visit our special Domination Stockholm website for more information and to buy your ticket! But be quick – Early Bird price is only available to Friday 1 March!

Special interests at SLM

At SLM there are plenty of various interests. A few of them got groups gathering to indulge in the specifics in more details. This events are perfect for newcomers interested to learn more as there will definably be someone knowledgeable at the club.

BDSM, Bears & Beards, FF, Jocks, MC, Nude, Pups, Wet

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Here you will find documents and information only for members of our club. You can log in by using the credentials that was sent out on registration.