Our bar menu

Non-alcoholic beverages

Soda and water
Unit price: SEK 20
Tap water is available in self-service station free of charge.
• Coca-Cola
• Coca-Cola zero
• Fanta Orange zero
• Loka lemon (sparkling water)
• Loka natural (sparkling water)
• NAIA Energy drink (flavour varies with availability)
• Nygårda Julmust light TEMPORARY classic Swedish Christmas soda
• Red Bull Energy drink zero sugar
• Schweppes Ginger ale
• Schweppes Indian tonic
• Sprite zero
• Trocadero zero

Non-alcoholic (max 0.5% alcohol)
Unit price: SEK 20
• Briska demi-sec Sauvignon-blanc and green apples 0.5%
• Easy Rider Bulldog IPA 0.4%
• Heineken 0.0%

Hot drinks
Unit price: Free of charge
Not always available
• Brewed coffee
• Tea


Strong beverages

Unit price: SEK 50
• Briska demi-sec Sauvignon-blanc and green apples 4.5%
• Briska pear 4.5% (on tap)

Unit price: SEK 50
• Smirnoff Ice 4%
• Smirnoff Ice double black 4.7%

Unit price: 4cl SEK 100
• Crude Oil 30% (Pistonhead, Sweden) – liquorice with a touch of chili
• Jägermeister 35% (Germany)

Unit price: 4cl SEK 50
• Baileys Original Irish Cream 17% (Ireland)
• Små Sure Cola 16.4% (Denmark) – cola flavoured
• Små Sure Goldfish 16.4% (Denmark) – menthol and eucalyptus
• Små Sure Hallonlakrits 16.4% (Denmark) – liquorice and raspberry

Unit price: 4cl SEK 100, 6cl SEK 150
as a drink: 4cl SEK 115, 6cl SEK 165
• Gin: Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla 41.3% (Great Britain)
• Gin: Tanqueray London dry gin 43.1% (Great Britain)
• Rhum: Plantation 3 Stars white rhum 41.2% (Jamaica)
• Rhum: Plantation Original dark rhum 40% (Jamaica)
• Tequila: Cazcabel Tequila blanco 38% (Mexico)
• Vodka: Smirnoff red vodka 37.5%
• Vodka: Tom of Finland vodka 40% (Finland)
• Whisky: Johnnie Walker Red Label blended Scotch whisky 40% (Scotland)
• Whisky: O’Neills Irish Whiskey blend 40% (Ireland)
• Whisky: Talisker 10YO single malt Scotch whisky 45.8% (Scotland)

Wine, sparkling
Unit price: SEK 65 (20cl)
• Le Contesse: Prosecco Treviso brut ECO 11% (Italy)

Wine, non sparkling
Unit price: SEK 55 (18.75%)
• Spring Village red: Merlot 13% (USA)
• Spring Village rosé: Grenache-Syrah ECO 12% (France)
• Spring Village white: Sauvignon-blanc ECO 12% (France)

Beer, strong on tap
Unit price: SEK 50
• A ship full of IPA 5.8% (Brutal Brewing, Sweden)
• Krušovice Imperial 5.0% (Královsky Pivovar, Czech Republic)
• Mariestads ofiltrerad Export 5.8% (Spendrups, Sweden) – hazy lager
• The tail of a whale 4.8% (Brutal Brewing, Sweden) – wheat ale

Beer, strong on bottle and can, 33cl
Unit price: SEK 50
• Daura Damm 5.4% GLUTEN FREE (Damm, Spain)
• Heineken 5% (Heineken, Netherlands)



Unit price: SEK 20
Peanuts and Chilinuts are free on order (when requested)
• Pringles original crisps
Protein bars and similar may be available, ask in the bar.

Bite-size food
Unit price: SEK 30
• Billy’s original pan pizza
more may be available, ask in the bar.

Ready-made food
Unit price: SEK 60
Ask in the bar what’s available. Normally 3-5 different dishes.

Hot meal
Unit price: SEK 75
Normally served on our Bears & Beards pub nights.


The fact that we keep prices low is linked to the fact that we are a non-profit membership association and that we have a permanent license to serve alcoholic products to closed groups (our members). As a non-profit association, we are not allowed to conduct our business commercially, i.e. make too much profit, which is why we have lower prices. As our serving license is for closed groups, we also do not have a requirement for a full-fledged restaurant kitchen and may serve ready-made food (and do not need to have as extensive a menu as a restaurant serving to the public).