Visit the club

To enter you must be a member and follow the dress code for the evening. You apply for membership when you visit the club on regular opening nights (Wednesdays/Fridays/Saturdays).

  • SLM Stockholm requires that all members follow the club's dress codes. If you are unsure about the dress codes, read more under "Dress Code".
  • Minimum age is 18 and the staff might ask you to prove your age.
  • Photo is needed for 12 months memberships but can be supplied later.


New price for SLM full year membership 500 SEK, applicable as of 1st April 2019.

SLM full year membership (12 months continuous): 500 SEK
Temporary/trail membership (1 month): 150 SEK
Regular entrance fee after 23 on Saturdays: 50 SEK

Other entrance fees may apply, check out the details of each event.

As a member of SLM Stockholm you are expected to:

  • Follow statutes and regulations, including prescribed dress code.
  • Always bring your valid membership card when visiting the club.
  • Accept other member's interests/fetishes and show respect towards other members.
  • Make sure to inform yourself about special events and when a specific dress code is required. Information about these events is available here on the website and is sent to members who have provided a correct e-mail address. Information is also posted at the club.
  • Failing to obey what is stated above may result in a revoked membership and access to the premises will be denied.

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