Our history

SLM Stockholm is formed

Sweden’s first leather club, SLM Sweden, was located in Gothenburg and it is believed that this was a sibling to SLM Copenhagen.

SLM Sweden had many members from the Stockholm area and it was considered that, partly because of the distance, it was difficult to be a good leather club for those members. Due to this, the weekend of 2-3 May 1975 SLM Öst (SLM East) was formed and SLM Sweden changed its name to SLM Väst (SLM West).

On January 1, 1977, SLM öst changed its name to SLM Stockholm, and probably SLM Väst also changed its name to SLM Göteborg (SLM Gothenburg) around the same time.



European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs – ECMC
On September 25, 1976, we became members of the European network ECMC. We were members until January 1, 2016, when we and several other Nordic clubs left ECMC.

Learn more about ECMC on their website: ecmc.eu

Top of Europe – ToE
Top of Europe was formed at a meeting in Copenhagen in May 1992. Top of Europe’s logo was determined at a meeting in Stockholm 7-9 October 1994.

Learn more about Top of Europe on their website: topofeurope.eu

Lash and Wish
Our sister association Lash was formed 11-13 October 1996 and we startad a collaboration with them. The association later changed its name to Wish.

Learn more about Wish on their website: clubwish.se

Stockholm Pride
We became members of Stockholm Pride in 2004 and were members until 2018. We were involved in starting up the KinkyKvarteret in Pride Park in 2014.

Learn more about Stockholm Pride on their website: stockholmpride.org


Logo and mascot

Our mascot – draw exclusively for us by Tom of Finland
June 1976 our secretary contacted Tom of Finland (Tuomo) and asked if he could draw us a leather guy. Tuomo got in touch with a few questions about thoughts on the leather guy’s look, attitude, etc., and then sent us a picture. That has since been our very own mascot – Tomsson.

Our logo
In October 1976, a competition was held among our members to come up with a logo. Ten different proposals came in. In a vote won a proposal with a letter logo, which then inscribed in a surrounding circle, is the logo that we still use.


Our residences

1975: Private homes
The first meetings when the club was founded were held in private residences.

1975-1976: Restaurant La Porta
Restaurant La Porta at Bergsunds strand 33 (where restaurant Moldau is located today) was run be a ”benevolent” owner. The restaurant was subscribed for club nights on a total of 13 Thursdays, 9 Fridays ans 12 Saturdays during 1976. There was an inner room in the venue with direct entrance from the stairwell which could be used by those who wanted to be a little discreet.

1977-1978: Skeppar Karls gränd 7
The basement at Skeppar Karls gränd 7 was owned by the ”Association for former Ship boys” who led a vanishing existence. They were willing to rent out their premises, at least for a year. The basement consisted of a few smaller rooms in basement vault furnished with cabins. Legendary was the steep staircase that led down into the premises from the alley.

1978-1990: Gåsgränd 2B
The move to Gåsgränd was a boost for the club. This too was a basement venue in the Old Town, and it was designed with different rooms and functions, such as a special bar, movie room, and so on. The contract was signed on 7 June 1978 and the inauguration took place with the ”Battle of the Baltic Sea” on 11-13 August. The club grew and became popular and the reputation of the club’s meetings and events, not least the Baltic Battle, spread far beyond this country’s borders.

The condominium association that owned the property and the premises terminated the lease as they needed the premises for their own use. We received SEK 50,000 in a settlement, which also became part of the foundation for our next premises. On March 24, 1990, a closure party was held.

1990: Club Alpha
During the time that the club was without its own premises (March to August), meetings were organised at Club Alpha, including disco nights on May 5, June 9 and July 7.

From 1990: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 18
In the basement on Wollmar Yxkullsgatan there was room that had been used for various activities. Before we took over the premises, the last owner had unsuccessfully tried to run a pool (snooker) club. Sim members stood as security for a loan that, together with the settlement from Gåsgränd, paid for the takeover of the premises.

The contract was signed on June 6, 1990, and after an initial clean-up, a sneak premiere could be held on June 29. During the summer, the premises were tidied up with the help of voluntary efforts from the members. The venue was officially inaugurated in connection with Baltic Battle XIII on August 3.

The venue has undergone some minor changes over the years, but in 2012 a slightly larger change was made when, among other things, the bar was moved for its previous location in one corner of the venue to a more central location adjacent to the dance floor.

During the end of 2023, it is planned that the gate facing the street will be replaced, among other things to meet requirements for escape routes.


Our signature events

Baltic Battle
Our very first Baltic Battle in August 1978 was a great success. It was arranged for the opening of the venue on Gåsgränd and was a joint event with MSC Finland where, among others, Tom of Finland was specially invited, and as an opening gift we received from MSC Finland our iconic Tom of Finland jumping jack figure.

Baltic Battle II the following year was jointly arranged by five Nordic clubs, and we ordered a Tom of Finland drawing especially for the Baltic Battle. It would be followed by ten more in the coming years.

Starting from Baltic Battle III, we have arranged the party completely in-house, and have done so ever since. In 2023, we arranged Baltic Battle XLV – our 45th Baltic Battle!

Word of our party spread internationally. In 1981 the American ”Drummer Magazine” wrote in a review that our Baltic Battle was bigger than the CMC Carnival in San Fransisco!

See also our special Baltic Battle website: balticbattle.se

Our first Bastille was organised 23-25 April 1993 as a Rubber weekend. Bastille is held in honor of Frank Webber, who had the stage name Bastille, and is held in the same style as his drawings.

Bastille is a very ”narrow” event and in recent year has come to attract more foreign visitors than our members.

Se also our special Bastille website: bastille.se

Domination Stockholm
In 2022, key persons from our BDSM group visited Copenhagen and their Copenhagen Domination. They felt that something similar was needed in Stockholm. The boards of both SLM Stockholm and SLM Copenhagen agreed and plans for a Domination Stockholm began.

In the spring of 2023, the very first Domination Stockholm took place and was an immediate success.

See also our special Domination Stockholm website: dominationstockholm.se


Icons in our history

December-blot (1977)
SLM rented a subway train (it was still possible to do at the time) where dinner and dancing was offered before the train eventually ended at St Eriksplan station where the ”blot” was helt in premises that later become Viking Sauna.

The railing
When we moved into Wollmar Yxkullsgatan, the premises were equipped with some details taken from Stockholm. One of these was parts of a railing that sat on the Västerbron. In connection with the replacement of the railing on Västerbron, we took over parts of the railing.

The railing sat until we rebuilt the bar in 2012, installed in the old bar with enough height left between the bar counter and the railing to be able to serve members food and drinks.

The railing remains today, even now mounted at the top af the bar (but does not go as far down as it did in the old bar).

The urinals
The urinals in our premises are a gift from Stockholm’s municipal scrap yard. About ten members helped to carry them down from the street to our basement. A foundation was built with concrete were the urinals were finally assembled.

The two urinals we are, are the very last ones of that specific model! Stockholm City Museum has visited us to document them.

Boot shine man
One evening, a member, Per, came to visit our club on Wollmar Yxkullsgatan. On that particular evening, a door stop to the garbage room was not lowered (the garbage room is located a little way down the entrance stairs). Per noted that it was perfect as a support for boots to polish – which was one of Per’s fetishes. He went home and got his shoeshine kit, came back and sat in the stairs and started polishing the boots that wanted to be polished.

Per later moved into the club and polished our shoes until he passed away in 1996.

Per left a void at the club but fortunately another member shared Per’s fetish. Gösta took with enthusiasm, and to many members appreciation, over the position as our boot shine man until he choose to retire in September 2013. Gösta passed away in 2016.


Tomsson, Jubilee number 2015 – SLM Stockholm 40 year anniversary.