The event

inGear Stockholm is an event for guys into gear. It’s a safe environment in the long-running club Scandinavian Leather Men (SLM) in Stockholm where kinky men have been gathering for 49 years. This specially reserved night with stricter dress code is for us guys wearing gear.

The event will be held Saturday June 8, 2024

Food and beer in gear

There are plenty of restaurants with outdoors seating nearby, but we recommend either Half Way Inn/SideTrack or Hellstens glashus to join up and have some food and beer in gear before the party.

The club

A maximum of 150 people can be admitted on a first come-first served basis. The club has a well equipped bar, a dance floor, some dark areas and some cages etc for play. There’s a changing area at the entrance.

The club will also be open on Friday and Sunday, but with other dress code.


This year there are no tickets. However, SLM is a member’s club and you need to buy a temporary 1-month membership for 150 SEK (about 13€). The membership must be applied for before opening the night you visit SLM, and you pay when you visit. Make sure to apply in advance (not earlier than 30 days), there is no requirement to pay if you don’t come. See

Note the club is cash-free, major debit and credit cards are accepted except for AMEX.

Dress code

Military, SWAT, hazmat, motorcycle leathers, MX gear, workwear, superhero, zentai, cosplay (the likes with general armour on), furries, rubber and latex (full rubbersuit is OK, rubber briefs and tanktop is not OK), wetsuits, drysuits, raingear sportswear such as ice hockey gear, bicycle, American football.

Examples of not accepted dress code

Simple sportsgear (e.g. shorts and t-shirt), underwear, jocks, singlets, harness, jeans, bare butt, naked.


If you need accommodations, we recommend Hellstens Glashus which is a gay/kink friendly hotel right across the street where SLM Members have a 20% discount on rooms and 10% on meals. Contact us for a discount code and more information.