FAQ – Frequently asked questions


Must I be a member to visit your club?

Yes! We are a non-profit membership association run by our members, for our members. We have license to serve alcohol (full rights) to a closed party, i.e. our members. The only exception to this are the occasions advertised as open houses, and parties we hold in premises other than our own.

You must have a membership in SLM Stockholm, or a (A) full-year membership with one or our brotherhood clubs within the Top of Europe network to visit us.

How do I become a member?

You apply for a membership by clicking the red ”Become a member” button at the top of the page! When you have submitted your application, an automatic email will be sent to the email address you entered. The email contains an application ID. You present this ID to our volunteer manning the entrance when you visit us for the first time. Our volunteer will review your application, take a digital photo, issue your membership card and charge you the membership fee.

According to current legislation and regulations, the application for new membership must be made before we open on the evening you intend to visit us. The application can be made up to 30 days in advance – after 30 days the application is automatically deleted.

Can I become a member as a girl?

No. SLM Stockholm is for men who have sex with men. It is therefore required that you identify as, and are perceived to be, a man in order to become a member. As a trans man, you do not need to have completed gender reassignment, but please keep in mind that visible female genitalia and breasts are not allowed except on mixed nights.

How do I pay my membership fee?

Membership fee is always paid on first entry after application has been submitted.

You can pay with most payment cards except American Express, not cash/Swish/Vipps.

I forgot my membership card at home! What do I do?

Unfortunately, you must a your membership card with you when you visit us – it is the only way you can prove to us (and the authorities if a check is made) that you are a member. Neither our volunteers in the entrance, nor the authorities, are authorised to search the membership register.

We recommend that you who have the black membership card save a picture (photo) of the membership card in your mobile phone. The QR code must be clearly visible and scannable. This image is not a replacement for the membership card but can be a lifesaver in a pinch.

I have lost my membership card, what do I do?

If you have a full-year membership, you can apply for a replacement card for SEK 50. You do this by applying for an extension of your membership. Enter your existing membership or card number (Sxxxxxx or Cxxxxxx) in the form. When you arrive at the club, the volunteer verifies that the membership on your lost card is valid (using the Cxxxxxx or Sxxxxxx number) and issues a replacement card. The replacement card will have the same validity as your lost card and costs SEK 50. Please not that it may take up to two weeks for the replacement card to work everywhere.

If you have a temporary membership, the only option is to apply for a new temporary membership.

NOTE: If you lost the card and had a picture of the card on your mobile phone, it makes it easier – but you still have to apply for a replacement card so that your old card is blocked and not used by another person.

My membership card does not work to scan.

It may take up to two weeks before the update of your membership card is synchronised with all systems, and in the member portal. When you yourself can scan the QR code on your membership card and see your validity, the update has been made everywhere. Until then, the correct information can only be seen in our entrance.

The information in our support systems is only updated when the information has been reviewed by our member secretary. This is because in far too many applications the wrong information is entered in the various input fields.

What kind of PIN code is the computer in the stairwell asking for?

In the computer in our stairwell where you can apply for renewal of an existing full-year membership, there is an option to scan your membership card to automatically retrieve your information. To protect your information, a PIN code is then required.

This PIN code is not sent out automatically. If you want a PIN code, send an email to info@slmstockholm.se and enter your membership number (Sxxxxxx) or card number (Cxxxxxx) and what you want for a PIN code (4 digits).

NOTE: PIN code cannot be assigned to cards for temporary memberships.


Our premises

How do I get in?

The entrance to our club is a large dark gray gate to the left of the entrance to Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 18. Our logo is visible in a small square box on the gate.

If you have a full-year membership, you can open the gate during regular opening hours with your membership card. Hold the card against the card reader to the right of the spout.

If you do not have a full-year membership, there is a door bell on the gate’s metal frame, close to the card reader. Ring the door bell and the volunteer in the entrance with open the door for you. Be observant that it is a very faint clicking sound that is heard. The door does

NOTE: When the door lock is opened, there is a very faint click sound. The door does not open automatically, you have to push it open. Depending on the weather, there can be a resistance in the door, so you may have to push harder.

Is it possible to change clothes at your place?

Yes, we have a smaller changing room next to our entrance where it is easy to change. We do, however, not have any lockers, but you can leave your clothes in our wardrobe.

Is there a wardrobe?

Yes, we have a wardrobe that is always staffed during normal opening nights. The wardrobe fee is included in the entrance fee!

Can I come in ’normal’ clothes?

SLM Stockholm is a fetish club, which means we have different dress codes than a regular pub. The basic rule is that you must wear male clothing. Depending on the theme of the evening in question, different dress codes apply. Click on the opening night you are interested in, in the calendar to find out more about what applies to that particular night.

A small ’guide’:

  • Wednesday pub do not normally have dress code requirements, besides male clothings.
  • Fridays: normally all our dress codes, inluding the so-called ’base level’, are valid. It is also allowed to combine between different dress codes.
  • Saturdays: normally all our dress codes, except the so-called ’base level’ are valid.

It is our volunteers who man the entrance and wardrobe who determine whether your attire follows the current evening’s dress code. If they say no – respect that! Their decision cannot be appealed! Many times the overall impression is more decisive than that each individual clothing detail is correct!

The ’base level’ requirement is jeans with a plain black or white t-shirt, tank top, polo shirt, bare chest or harness.

How do I pay?

You can pay with most payment cards except American Express, not Cash or Swish/Vipps.