Wed 23 Nov 19:00-00:00

Christmas decoration pub

Date: Wednesday 23 November 2022
Opening hours: 19:00-00:00
Dress code: No dress code. (dress code)
Price: 30 kr

Welcome to our club!

Come as you are and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with other nice members.

It’s holiday season

To get SLM Stockholm into Christmas spirits we need to decorate our club. This is not something that gets done by itself. It is done by our members. And if you want our club to get into the spirit, you will have to help!

Christmas decoration will start from 18:00 and go on as long as needed!

If there will be any Christmas decoration in our club, and to what extent, is totally up to the members showing up to help. No help = no Christmas decoration at all.

Members actively helping to decorate will shop at crew price in the bar.