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Jan K the owner of Läderverkstan and an honored member of SLM gives discounts when you shop in the boutique. No discount for toys.

Läderverkstan is offering help with all your leather clothes. You can get repairs, standard clothes or clothes after your own demands.

To Läderverkstan


Do not worry if you have forgotten to bring condoms. The Sexperts deliver condoms to the club in three different sizes. They also provide lube.

When you visit the club you get the service of:

  • Condoms in three different sizes
  • Lube in portion packs
  • Meet information staff on bigger events

We also work on a regular basis to get good information about safe sex information when you practecing your fetish or fetishes.

To Sexperts:

Mister B

Your leather specialist

Chambers of Love

Med ett stort utbud av BDSM produkter

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