SLM Stockholm is a non-profit association. We are run entirely by our members for our members and have no employed, or paid, staff. Everything is done on a voluntary basis by members in addition to their regular jobs.

The foundation of our association comes from the 1970s and 1980s when homosexuality was either illegal or generally suppressed. Inspired by the motorcycle clubs, gay clubs were formed in similar fashion, and hence, the connection to leather and motorcycles. This is also clearly seen in the artworks by Tom of Finland.

We are a not an ordinary gay club but a fetish gay club where how you dress is of importance. Our dress code has its roots in leather and motorcycles but is constantly evolving to be current and up to date.

SLM Stockholm is part of the North-European network Top of Europe. Our full year members can, thanks to this, visit the other clubs in the network. Top of Europe consists of: LMC Estonia, MSC Finland Tom’s club, SLM Aarhus, SLM Copenhagen, SLM Oslo, SLM Gothenburg, SLM Malmö and SLM Stockholm.

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Before a visit to us or one of our brotherhood clubs

Before visiting us, or one of our brotherhood clubs within Top of Europe, you should always check what applies to the evening. Is it a theme night? Is there a dress code requirement or any other terms for admission? It’s never fun to be refused entry, just because you didn’t check what applies for the evening!

Read more about SLM Stockholm’s dress code

At our club

To make your visit to us as pleasant as possible, both for yourself and for everyone else, there are some rules that must be followed.

We have no weird or strange rules, they should be obvious to most people. They are largely about common sense and respect. Some of the rules are governed by Swedish and European legislation, and by the rules that apply to us as we have permission to serve alcohol.

Do as our volunteers say
When we are open, it is our volunteers who are responsible for keeping things safe and secure. They have the right when necessary, and in many cases the obligation, to ask you to leave our premises and also they can also withdraw your membership card.

Always do as our volunteers say! Do not argue or hassle. Just do.

If you believe that you have been treated incorrectly, you are welcome to contact our board at

Quarrels and disagreements
We do not accept quarrels and making disturbances at our club.

Drugs and poppers
We have a zero-tolerance policy towards the use, sale and distribution of drugs. Anyone who we see using, selling, or dealing drugs with us will have to leave the premises and have their membership revoked immediately. It can also be reported to the police.

Poppers do not count as a drug, but as a medical substance. This means that you may own and use poppers while visiting us. However, neither we nor our volunteers are allowed to sell poppers.

Bringing your own food and drink
It is not permitted to bring your own food or drink when you visit us. Own food and drink must be left in the wardrobe.

Photography and privacy
Not everyone can, or wants to, to be open about their sexuality or fetish interest. Out of respect and consideration for them:

  • Never talk to others about who you see or meet. What happens at SLM stays at SLM.
  • It is completely forbidden to take photos and to film. It does not matter what you are photographing or filming, or why it is done.

You are allowed to take photos of yourself and friends in the entrance stairs. Keep in mind, however, that if someone else is in the photo, they must first agree to being photographed.

You may only smoke in the smoking room behind the dance floor. There is (by law) also a ban on smoking directly adjacent to our entrance on the street. Smoking is not allowed in the entrance stairs, the changing room or at the toilet.

Note that vapes and herbal products also count as smoking products.

You may not bring anything eatable or drinkable into the smoking room. Put your drink away on the shelf on the window into the smoking room. You have full control over your glass there!

The Consent Act also applies at our club!

If a person indicates that he is not interested in you, or to have you partaking in what he is engaged in, respect this. A no is always a no.

If you feel that a member does not respect a no, or is abusive, contact our volunteers immediately and help identify the person. Depending on the severity, the person will receive a stern warning, be removed, and possibly have his membership suspended.

No shit!
We do not allow scat play or scat activities at our club. You pee and poop in designated places: the urinal for pee, the toilet in the entrance stairs for pee and poop.

If an ”accident” happens. Contact our volunteers and help to clean up after the ”accident”.

Help reduce the spread of nasty diseases like winter sickness, et al… wash your hands after using the urinal or the toilet.


Meet our members.

According to our statutes, we are a non-profit association for men who have sex with men, and who have an interest in masculine fetishes. To visit us, and become a member, you must identify yourself as and be perceived as a man.

Respect and consideration
SLM Stockholm strives to be a safe and good meeting place for all members regardless of social status, fetishes, interests, religious affiliation, language, ethnicity, etc.

Show respect and consideration to other members.

Trans and women
According to our statutes, see above, we are not open to women or trans women.

As a transman, you do not need to have completed gender correction, but visible female genitalia and female breasts are not allowed during normal opening nights.

The only exception is the evenings advertised as ”mixed” evenings.